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Your contribution to the epSOS Services: The health professional's evaluation

The epSOS pilot test operates for one year, offering health professionals the opportunity to retrieve information about patients or to administrate foreign electronic prescriptions from other European countries. The evaluation of the pilot services pursues two objectives:

  1. To collect information and analyse the first outputs and results.
  2. To show how epSOS services impact a session between health professionals and patients as well as how they impact eHealth in Europe in general.

Recommendations for further development of cross-border eHealth in Europe will be based on the evaluation results.

Your feedback, as a health professional, is of great value to the epSOS project team as it allows the team to learn from your experience and thereby improve the epSOS services.

Please fill in the online epSOS Evaluation questionnaire after each epSOS patient contact. The access code, which has been transmitted by your local epSOS team, allows you to access the online questionnaire here.

What is evaluated?

The epSOS project team aims at gathering information on how you evaluate the use of epSOS Services:

  1. Were you satisfied / not satisfied with the services?
  2. Did you feel safe / unsafe data safety and correctness of information?

Anonymity and privacy

All information that you provide to the epSOS project team is processed anonymously, treated with great care and will not, under any circumstances, be forwarded to third parties. All data will be used for statistical purposes only and provides no conclusion on your person.

epSOS patient evaluation – important information for health professionals

patient evaluation of the epSOS services is considered equally important. Thus, each epSOS patient is requested to complete a questionnaire after his / her consultation.

Contrary to the online questionnaire for health professionals described above, patients are handed a printed epSOS questionnaire as well as an instruction sheet by their health professionals or related staff.

Health_professionals are asked to make their epSOS patients aware of the evaluation process and to motivate them to complete the questionnaire.

Patients may submit the completed questionnaire either by directly placing it in a box provided at the Point of Care or by mailing it to the following address:

CAHIAQ Agència d'Informació, Avaluació i Qualitat en Salut (AIAQS), 
Montse Moharra epSOS project,
Roc Boronat 81-95,
08005-Barcelona, SPAIN.

Questionnaires are available in all languages of potential epSOS patients and can be Opens internal link in current windowdownloaded here.

The national epSOS teams can acquire additional information about the evaluation process.