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Patient Service, Order Service

Medical Data Query and Retrieval

The health professional sends a query for medical data of the identified patient and retrieves the information she/he needs. Medical data is solely accessible in the common epSOS format. The required encoding and decoding functionality is provided by the sending and receiving PN, respectively.

This is realized using the IHE Profile XCA Cross Gateway Query and Cross Gateway Retrieve. These transactions employ OASIS/ebXML Registry standards and are transmitted using Web Services Exchange.

The documents exchanged are epSOS specific CDA Level 1 and Level 3 documents called “ePrescription” and “Patient Summary”, which are based on the HL7 CDA Release 2.0 standard and the HL7 Implementation Guide: CDA Release 2 – Continuity of Care Document (CCD). The documents are also harmonized with the IHE Patient Care Coordination CDA Content Modules.