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eDispensation Service

Medical Data Update

Some operations performed on patients’ data could result in a change of the state of the available data (e. g. dispensation of an ePrescription). It is therefore mandatory that the PN is notified about this change, as it maintains the state of the affected object   The result of this step is a modification of the state of the affected object (which may include a data update). The modification is carried out with the IHE profile XDS Provide and Register Document. This transaction uses MTOM/XOP to convey both metadata and attached documents from the Document Source actor to the Document Repository actor as well as  ebRIM version 3.0 to code the metadata.

The document exchanged is an epSOS specific CDA 3 document named “eDispensation”, which in turn is based on the HL7 CDA Release 2.0 standard and the HL7 Implementation Guide: CDA Release 2 – Continuity of Care Document (CCD). The document is also harmonized with the IHE Patient Care Coordination CDA Content Modules.