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Reference Implementation

The epSOS Project decided to support the development of a reference implementation without any limitations on the usage by the PNs. As a result the OpenNCP represents a set of components that can used together, being able to provide a full NCP, or individually, according to the PN needs. It is to be considered a tool kit available for use and adaptation by PNs rather than a turn-key product.

Each PN can use this implementation without any restriction, according to its Open-Source nature, it can also be evolved and adapted accordingly. This solution is provided by cooperative software development in an open virtual organization based in several different PNs.

The links to the OpenNCP software artifacts can be found Opens internal link in current windowhere.

System Architecture

The epSOS architecture enables the use of cross-border services - such as the Patient Summary (PS) and ePrescription (eP) - and offers flexible interfaces in order to connect the eHealth infrastructure of every Participating Nation (PN).

The figure below describes the basic building blocks of the NCP and shows that it can operate in two different scenarios: as NCP-B (country of treatment) and NCP-A (country of affiliation).

The building blocks are:

  • The National Connector
  • The National Interface
  • The Portal and Portal Adapter
  • The Core
  • epSOS Interface