9th - 11th November 2011

In the beginning of November the 2011 epSOS and eHealth Governance Initaive joint event took place. From 9th until 11th of November a number of events and workshops where held as satellites to the central "epSOS pilots setting sail" event that took place on the 10th of November, 2011 in Athens. 

The objectives of the event(s) were:

  • to show conditions of legal, organizational, semantic and technical interoperability of cross border eHealth based services: PS / eP 
  • to offer to a wide audience of delegates from governments, industries, healthcare and research organisations the results achieved so far and demonstrate how epSOS got to setting sail of its pilots
  • to reflect on the importance and role of epSOS within the EU policy and strategy domain as well as the way epSOS is influencing national implementations
  • to demonstrate epSOS in action

Please find beneath the detailed description of the events as well as supporting material.


November 9th 2011 
Towards a European eID Management Framework for eHealth

The meeting of the HLeHGG in Budapest concluded that (i) eID shall be a priority of focus and (ii) that the CALLIOPE Roadmap shall provide the background for the preparation of concrete proposals to the next HLeHGG meeting (or already eHealth Network) in Copenhagen and later eventually to EPSCO. What the eHGI should deliver by spring 2012 is a proposal for a common EU framework on eID Management that should make possible cross border eHealth services within the framework of the Directive 2011/24/EU. The workshop was promoted by the eHealth Governance Initiative in co-operation with epSOS and the European Commission. 

The meeting was well attended with an update from relevant EU projects to feed into the policy paper to be presented at the Ministerial conference in Copenhagen, May 2012.

Contact Persons: Opens window for sending emailMichèle Thonnet and Opens window for sending emailAnni Buhr

Final Programme: Initiates file downloadDownload here


"Pushing the limits – the next wave of epSOS services"

After the launch of the first phase cross border eHealth services, epSOS is about to demonstrate sustainability of its approach and re-usability of its building blocks by tackling further use cases and extending existing ones. 

40 attendees from 14 countries participated in this workshop with the following main topics:

  • Update of the clinical documentation in the Country B
  • The availability of the full medication history
  • The availability of the medical documentation to the patient

There was lively, constructive, discussion which broadly confirmed the WP proposals. 

The workshop was organized by epSOS Work Package 1.4 and hosted by Matti Mäkelä (THL, Finland).

Contact persons: Opens window for sending emailPavol Rieger  and Opens window for sending emailMatti Mäkelä

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November 10th 2011: "epSOS pilots setting sail"

Over the past three years, Member State national authorities participating in epSOS together with national eHealth Competence Centers and the epSOS Industry Team have created conditions of legal, organizational, semantic and technical interoperability. Providing ePrescription and Patient Summary cross border eHealth services on a pilot basis has now become possible. This open event presented and demonstrated how epSOS got to setting sail of its pilots.  

Over 130 attendees from 24 different countries participated in the central event of the eHGI & epSOS week. The event was a very successful, articulate presentation of epSOS achievements which nevertheless reflected the outstanding issues.

Contact Persons: Opens window for sending emailFredrik Linden and Opens window for sending emailZoi Kolitsi

Programme: Initiates file downloadDownload here

Presentation Initiates file downloadEuropean action for eHealth by Flora Giorgio

Presentation Initiates file downloadTowards an European eHealth High Level Governance by Michèle Thonnet

Presentation Initiates file download"epSOS overview and results" by Fredrik Linden


November 11th 2011: "Building a Sustainable Cross-Border Environment" 

46 attendees from 17 countries attended the sustainability workshop on Friday, November 11th. The participants came to the conclusion that sustainable for the project means that “epSOS services remain available and continue to be operational beyond 2013, as well as expand with new use cases and to more countries”. Proposals around promotion and publication of specifications were defined which are soon going to be presented and discussed. 

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