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Event Archive 2010

27th December 2010

epSOS NEWS: major achievements of the eHealth Large Scale Pilot

A review of first insights gained from the system testing phase: Projectathon #1

One key milestone within the epSOS project - the 1st Projectathon (PAT) - was held in Bratislava, Slovakia from 22nd to 25th November, 2010. This ambitious event allowed the different participating nations to exchange medical data between their national contact points and preparing them for real cross-border patient data exchange. Read more...

17th December 2010

The annual data survey and analysis of ICT usage in Catalonian public health services will be presented at the "Mapa de Tendències 2010 de les TIC en els serveis de salut de Catalunya" ("ICT tendencies in Catalonian health services 2010") in Barcelona, Spain. Regional hospital CEOs, decision makers and other health professionals will attend the presentation. The event will be chaired by the Catalan Minister of Health Marina Geli and the President of the Foundation TicSalut (an epSOS beneficiary), Joan Cornet.

During the morning session, the results of the survey - which was conducted in hospitals and healthcare centres throughout Catalonia - will be presented. The results have, for the first time, been adapted to the US model EMRAM (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model).

In the afternoon session, epSOS beneficiary TicSalut will present "International trends in eHealth" including a presentation of the main standards for interoperability used in epSOS.

"Mapa de Tendències 2010" agenda and online registration

This news flash was provided by the Spanish project members

15th - 16th December 2010

At the Lift-off Towards Open Government Conference, taking place in Brussels from 15th - 16th December 2010, ICT-PSP Large Scale Pilots such as epSOS, STORK, PEPPOL and SPOCS will be presented.

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1st December 2010

An Info Day of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme’s (CIP) Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP) will take place in Rome, Italy on December 1, 2010. The event is organized by the Italian Department for the Digitalization of Public Administration and Technological Innovation in cooperation with the European Commission.

The Info Day aims at illustrating the main achievements and intermediate outcomes of the most interesting on-going projects for public administrations and corporations, including Large Scale Pilots such as epSOS. The event will focus on the role of the ICT-PSP programme as an instrument to implement the “Digital Agenda for Europe” as well as the new ICT-PSP work programme for 2011. The Info Day offers Italian project beneficiaries the opportunity to disseminate results, share experiences, point out barriers and encountered constraints, and highlight the potential impacts of project implementation in terms of competitiveness and innovation. epSOS will be represented by project member Roberto Zuffada.

Download the ICT-PSP Info Day Agenda

22nd - 25th November 2010

Projectathon - The Project is pleased to announce the opening of the registration period for the epSOS Projectathon to be held from November 22nd to 25th, 2010 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Detailed location and travel arrangements will follow shortly. The Projectathon is a Connectathon-inspired event to test if your systems are ready to meet the epSOS specifications.

The Projectathon will be open to all epSOS Member States, the epSOS Industry Team, the epSOS II Enlarged Team and all interested vendors.

The registration will be open from September 10th until October 11th. The URL for registration is: No registration fee is required. For practical reasons the period for submitting the pre-testing results is set from November 1st to 15th for epSOS Member States and from November 1st to 8th for other participants. For those unable to join this event we are planning to hold a second testing event in connection to the Connectathon in Pisa beginning on April, 11th 2011. More details will follow.

In Bratislava, there will be a full day of presentations and updates for epSOS joining Member States and other groups on Wednesday, November 24th.

More information about the epSOS Projectathon results

12th November 2010

The IHE Nederland Jaarcongres 2010 (Annual Symposium of IHE Netherlands) took place in Busum (Netherlands) on November 12, 2010 and focussed both on national as well as international eHealth developments. The presentations related to the initiative Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) but also dealt with national eHealth infrastructure and standardization efforts such as HL7, DICOM and Continua Health Alliance. Andries Hamster and Maarten Festen presented an update on current epSOS developments and offered an outlook on future endeavours.

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This news flash was provided by the epSOS Industry Team

4th November 2010

This year’s annual Austrian Federal Procurement Agency’s (Bundesbeschaffungs GmbH) fair “Nutzen.Leben” took place in Vienna and was attended by 175 suppliers and 1.200 clients from the public sector.

Dissemination Work Package Leader Tanja Niederländer as well as three of her colleagues from the Austrian Ministry of Health, including the legal expert Carina Milisits, represented the epSOS project and shared the exhibition booth with several other EC-funded projects such as the eID LSP STORK and PEPPOL. Former Austrian Health Minister Andrea Kdolsky took the opportunity to underline the importance of the project, which was launched during her governmental period.

4th - 7th October 2010

Open Days 2010, the 8th European Week of Regions and Cities, takes place in Brussels from 4th to 7th October. Open Days has become an annual key event at which cities and regions showcase their capacity for creating growth and jobs, implementing European Union cohesion policies, and underlining the importance of the local level in terms of an efficient European governance. Project Member Michiel Sprenger (NICTIZ) will present the epSOS project at a session on electronic health records, which will take place on October 5th.

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22nd September 2010

epSOS Baseline Evaluation Kick-Off - The first of the three epSOS evaluation phases, the baseline evaluation, has started. The purpose of this first evaluation phase is to set a reference point to determine the improvements introduced by the epSOS interoperability services. Read more...

2nd September 2010

epSOS is preparing for the Projectathon - The preparations for the epSOS Projectathon, the project's central interoperability testing event, are in full swing. The purpose of the Projectathon, which will take place in Slovakia from November 22nd to 25th 2010, is to test the compliance of the developed system architecture and ICT infrastructure components with the technical and functional epSOS interoperability requirements. Read more...

15th - 18th March 2010

World of Health IT & eHealth Conference 2010 - The World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition (WoHIT) will for the first time be held in conjunction with the European Union’s annual High Level eHealth Conference in Barcelona on 15-18 March 2010. The union of these two high calibre events presents vast opportunities for delegates and exhibitors in terms of education, exhibition and networking. March 15th will feature an invitation only ministerial day, hosted by the Spanish EU Presidency, the European Commission, and the Regional Government of Catalonia. The 16-18th of March will be open to all delegates.

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10th February 2010

epSOS Large Scale Pilot Extension Workshop in Brussels. The epSOS project has concluded a large part of its specification work on Patient Summary and ePrescription services and is now preparing the testing and implementation work, set to begin in late 2010. Simultaneously, the European Commission has offered the possibility of extending the epSOS project in the ICT PSP Work Programme for 2010.

While the epSOS project is finalizing the specifications and preparing for testing and implementation, the project is inviting new Member States  to participate as beneficiaries in an extension proposal. Formally, a successful proposal will lead to a 2-year extension of the present epSOS project, until the end of 2013. The epSOS Large Scale Pilot Extension Workshop in Brussels will initiate the process of welcoming both current epSOS participants as well as new Member States to the epSOS extension.

The meeting on February 10 will inform on key results of the epSOS project attained so far, as well as the formal requirements associated with a participation in epSOS piloting and the epSOS extension.

Invited participants are kindly requested to confirm their participation by Friday, February 5.