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Event Archive 2009

1st December 2009

The second CALLepSO workshop in a series was held on November 12 to discuss and validate results of the epSOS project with key stakeholders. CALLepSO is the joint activity between the European large scale pilot epSOS, which seeks to develop and test interoperable standards for Patient Summary and ePrescription and the Thematic Network project CALLIOPE. The key concern of CALLIOPE is to establish an appropriately governed, composed and structured open forum  of different stakeholders, to support Member States to implement interoperable eHealth solutions.

As part of the CALLepSO activities, epSOS project results in the domain of identity management, patient consent and piloting were presented to 30 stakeholders representing health professions, industry and national governments. At the same time, related European projects such as STORK and HPRO Card presented their approach to identity management and the development of health professional Cards. In plenary and break-out discussions, stakeholders provided valueable feedback to improve the acceptability and viability of epSOS results. In addition, stakeholders discussed desirable goals for future EC effort on eHealth interoperability, stressing the need for a focus on concrete implementation advice.

This second workshop continues the succesful format of the 1st stakeholder workshop, which had presented epSOS results on Patient Summary and ePrescription in September this year. The next CALLepSO workshop is under preparation and will be announced in due time.

19th - 20th November 2009

eGovernment Conference 19 in Malmö, Sweden. At the Ministerial Conference, high-level speakers and 1000 delegates representing Member States, EFTA and candidate countries, the European Commission, international and regional organisations such as the United Nations and the OECD, leaders of the ICT industry and its main organisations including Digital Europe, as well as academia and others will meet in more than 20 sessions to discuss topics of particular interest to actors in the field of eGovernment.

14th - 16th October 2009

ISHIMR 2009 - "Evaluation and implementation of e-health and health information initiatives: international perspectives", 14th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research in Kalmar, Sweden.

1st - 2nd September 2009

Fall CALLIOPE Meetings and first CALLepSO Workshop in Brussels. The CALLIOPE Network will be holding its next set of meetings in Brussels on the first and the second of September.  These meetings are open to CALLIOPE Network members only.  A CALLIOPE Open Session is planned for the late October, details to be announced soon.

The first day is allocated to a discussion, in an open setting, on the activities needed to respond to the “eHealth interoperability Recommendation”, to prepare the way forward towards the “Common European eHealth interoperability Road Map”, and even beyond. 

On this background, the second day will focus on important epSOS results in the form of proposals for a European Patient Summary and e Prescription Services.  The objective of the second day is to extend the debate that took place in epSOS to the CALLIOPE Network and return input and feedback to inform the epSOS implementation on several aspects including legal, regulatory and professional issues and service requirements as seen from the users/ professionals perspective.

These events should be regarded as initiating an on-going process of fruitful exchange and should comprise a starting point for active stakeholder engagement and on-going dialogue with implementers in order to assure robustness and broad acceptance of important developments of interoperable EU level eHealth services.
The conclusions of these meetings will be taken forward to the Fall CALLIOPE Open Session.

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26th - 28th May 2009

Hit Paris 2009 - European Congress and Exhibition on Health Information Technologies in Paris. By bringing together decision-makers in eHealth and healthcare management as well as engineers and end-users (doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc.), Hit Paris will promote the actual use as well as the integral understanding of Health Information Systems by professionals in the field.

12th May 2009 (1)

Currently, through the CIP Programme, the European Commission co-funds two collaboration actions aiming at moving forward the agenda for interoperable cross border eHealth: epSOS, a Large Scale Pilot, and CALLIOPE, a European Thematic Network. Now both projects discuss how to join forces in a strategic complementary approach. Details

12th May 2009 (2)

The epSOS legal team led by George Pangalos and Zoi Kolitsi from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki has recently produced its first contractual deliverable presenting the results of a systematic analysis of four groups of legal issues deemed relevant to epSOS, i.e. Data Protection and Confidentiality, Issues related to Health Systems, Professional Issues (including accreditation) and Liability. Details

20th - 24th April 2009

Connectathon 2009 in Vienna

Multiple work sessions of epSOS work packages will take place during the event duration.
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2nd April 2009

NETC@RDS for eEHIC workshop in Luxemburg.

The workshop will address policy and legal aspects, potential market dimension and commercial features of the electronic European Health Insurance Card (eEHIC), as well as the effectiveness of the proposed ICT solution in view of the interoperability of the eEHIC as forthcoming challenge for borderless care in Europe.

1st - 3rd April 2009

Med-e-tel International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum in Luxemburg.

25th March 2009

Continua Symposium "Integrated Care of the future" in Barcelona.

This day will feature a wide-range of world-class companies/organizations, and government entities all striving to integrate care across cities, regions and countries across the globe.

17th - 18th March 2009

European e-ID interoperability Conference “Current Perspective and Initiatives from around Europe in Government and Business” in Brussels.

Objectives and the current status of epSOS will be presented and its interactions with Opens external link in new windowSTORK and Opens external link in new windowPEPPOL will be discussed.
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18th - 20th February 2009

Ministerial Conference “eHEALTH FOR INDIVIDUALS, SOCIETY, AND ECONOMY” in Prague.

Challenges for interoperability of patient summary and ePrescription implementations will be discussed.
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4th February 2009

European services standard for cross-border healthcare provision agreed - an important step towards improved healthcare provision for mobile European Union citizens. Details