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Industry Team

Industrial enterprises are also part of the epSOS project. Over 30 companies active in the eHealth market, ranging from small enterprises to large multinationals, contribute their knowledge and expertise to epSOS. Their efforts are delivered pro bono –  in turn the companies are offered the opportunity to  expand their professional networks, help drive eHealth in Europe forward, and create business opportunities.

Individual vendors can participate by joining the epSOS Industry Team, a consortium of companies represented by IHE Europe. To join, a company must, among other issues,  agree to the Memorandum of Understanding that governs non-disclosure and intellectual property rights. Furthermore, the company must commit a minimum input in terms of expertise, knowledge and/or services that will benefit epSOS.

The epSOS Industry Team is open to all businesses providing services, expertise or knowledge in eHealth.

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Current Industry Team

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The Industry Team has elected a Steering Group, which is made up of nine representatives who support the Team Coordinator in representing the Industry Team in the epSOS General Assembly and other official epSOS governing bodies.

The Industry Team Coordinator has been commissioned by IHE Europe. This representative is not linked to any company on the Industry Team, thereby guaranteeing unbiased representation.