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Project Structure

The following graphic illustrates the structure of the epSOS project, which basically consists of the 5 Project Domains, their related Work Packages and the particular tasks, based on a pre-defined Work Plan.

Work Package:

Deals with a special field of content within the project. Each Work Package is lead by a Work Package Leader and every task within a Work Package is lead by a Key Task Leader. Usually one of the project Participating Nations has a Work Package Leader function, which can also be shared between two countries.


Specifies a finished document, task, etc. that has to be delivered by a defined time to ensure project progress and results. Deliverables will be documented and monitored by the Project Management.

The Project Management consists of the following bodies and positions:

  • Project Steering Board (PSB): is the primary decision-making body, representing the participating nations’ interests in project objectives. The PSB also has the function of providing a final resolution of conflicts not dealt with by other decision-making bodies or groups.
  • epSOS General Assembly (eGA): represents the contractual interests of individual beneficiaries.
  • Project Coordinator (PC): has a role defined in the Grant Agreement and is mandated by the PSB, EGA and NEPC to take action in line with project objectives. Moreover, the PC is responsible for the overall operation of the project as well as for supervising and managing the planning, execution and completion of the project.
  • Quality Manager (QM): is responsible for the design and implementation of the project quality management process. The QM reports directly to the PSB.
  • National epSOS Pilot Coordinators (NEPC): liaise with national decision-makers and the PSB member and are empowered to represent the participating nations  in day-to-day project matters.
  • Project Management Team (PMT): consists of the Project Coordinator, Technical Project Management Leader and the Administrative Project Management. The PMT is to propose and prepare decisions for PSB and EGA.
  • Industry Team Coordinator (ITC): is a beneficiary of the project who acts as a formal interface between the epSOS consortium and the Industry Team members. The ITC reports to the Project Management Team and, on invitation, to PSB.
  • Technical Project Managment (TPM): is composed of the entire group of active Key Task Leaders. TPM is to take decisions on all technical issues, playing an integral part in steering the project in line with project objectives set by the Project Steering Board.
  • Administrative Project Management (APM): is responsible for contractual, financial and administrative processes.
  • Key Task Team (KT): makes Key Task decisions within the scope of the tasks it comprises, and takes into account the interests of customers for Key Task output. Each KT Team has a KT Leader (KTL). A KTL will typically organize the work in the KT and has responsibility for the TPM interface.
  • Work Package Leaders: are responsible for managing the respective Work Package as a self contained entity with appropriate attention to the requirements of Work Packages reliant on the results. The Work Package Leaders report to the epSOS General Assembly.
  • Beneficiary: each beneficiary is responsible for ensuring that the designated personnel is  capable of performing the tasks assigned to the respective beneficiary. Further responsibilities concern the management of their own resources.