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About epSOS

epSOS aimed to design, build and evaluate a service infrastructure that demonstrates cross-border interoperability between electronic health record systems in Europe.

epSOS in figures
Time period 1st July 2008 - 31st June 2014
Duration 72 months (6 years)
Volume € 36,5 Million: co-funded by the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) within the ICT Policy Support Programme
Number of Beneficiaries (formation of the consortium) 45 Beneficiaries:
Consisting of national ministries of health, national/regional competence centers , a consortium of industry and the Project Management Team:
• Technical Project Management Leader: gematik
• Administrative Project Management: empirica
• Project Coordination: SALAR
Number of countries 25 different European countries: 22 EU member states and 3 non-EU member states.

Cross-border eHealth Services

epSOS attempts to offer seamless healthcare to European citizens. Key goals are to improve the quality and safety of healthcare for citizens when travelling to another European country. Moreover, it concentrates on developing a practical eHealth framework and ICT infrastructure that enables secure access to patient health information among different European healthcare systems. epSOS can make a significant contribution to patient safety by reducing the frequency of medical errors and by providing quick access to documentation as well as by increasing acessibility of ones prescribed medicine also abroad. In emergency situations, this documentation  provides the medical personnel with life-saving information and reduces the (sometimes needless) repetition of diagnostic procedures.

The technical, legal and organizational concepts developed within the framework of the project are subject to an extensive practical testing phase which will last until the end of the project. epSOS will tests cross-border eHealth services in the following areas.

In a first phase:

  • Patient Summary: access to important medical data for patient treatment
  • Cross-border use of electronic prescriptions ("ePrescription" - or "eMedication" systems)

In the extended project phase - which started 2011- the epSOS project team consolidates, scales up and operationalizes the epSOS Services for ID management, security, semantics and standards. Additional epSOS Services like the access of patients to their data or the Medication Related Overview (MRO) are analyzed and will be tested if feasible.


For the first time, patients in Europe have the opportunity to use cross-border eHealth services when seeking healthcare in participating epSOS pilot countries - whether as tourists, business travelers, commuters or exchange students.

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