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Electronic Prescription

How to use your epSOS ePrescription

  1. Visit an epSOS health professional in your home country and give your consent to the health professional.
  2. Get your epSOS ePrescription signed.
  3. Then you travel abroad and require medication in another epSOS pilot country.
  4. Visit a pharmacy participating in the epSOS pilot phase (participating pharmacies can be found here).
  5. Identify yourself to the pharmacist/staff at the pharmacy and ask for your ePrescription. By doing so, you give the dispenser/pharmacist your consent to access your personal information in your ePrescriptions.
  6. The pharmacist will retrieve your ePrescriptions via the pharmacy’s computer in a secure way.
  7. The requested medication will be dispensed to you.

· ePrescriptions dispensed through epSOS Services are not eligible for reimbursement processes.
· Be aware that there are some exceptions such as e.g. narcotics which are out of the epSOS Services scope and therefore cannot be dispensed.
· If a prescribed medical product is not available in the country you are visiting, your attending pharmacist may, depending on the circumstances, dispense a different brand or package size of a comparable and appropriate product.