Find former epSOS Services

Click here to find the Point(s) of Care which were live in each country!

How can health professionals participate

You are interested in participating as health professional in epSOS? To become part of the epSOS healthcare infrastructures and community please get in touch with your national contact.

Country Organisation Contact Person
Denkmark NSI - National Board of eHealth Jane Christiansen
Greece THESS Panagiotis Liontos
Italy LISPA Marcello Melgara
Spain Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad Icíar Abad
See the Spanish website to contact your region and to find out if it is part of the epSOS pilot
Sweden SALAR / Apotekens Service AB Eva Leach Elfgren

Points of Care offering services to outgoing patients and participating physicians and pharmacists in the epSOS Large Scale Pilot can be found here.