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As a health professional, epSOS helps you to provide better healthcare to foreign patients by giving you access to the necessary electronic patient data.

Moreover, epSOS offers you a variety of further advantages:

  • Access to a Patient Summary and the patient’s currently active prescriptions to improve the decision making process in diagnosis, based on the relevant clinical data from the patient’s home country.
  • Ability to identify the patient in the country of origin and consult the essential healthcare data using tools integrated in your existing work station or via the internet at the epSOS portal. All this is subject to strict security rules.
  • Assistance in obtaining patient consent for healthcare services.
  • Access to a leading service supported by the European Commission, while using your familiar technical environment or the epSOS portal.
  • Access to patient data and eHealth information in your own language with an original copy.
  • Better patient care through cross-border healthcare data exchange.
  • Improved use of resources when providing healthcare to foreign patients.
  • Increase of security by using a paperless electronic patient data system.


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