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Application for pharmacists


How to work with the epSOS eDispensation

  1. Confirm the identity of the patient. The patient automatically provides her or his consent by requesting the dispensation of their ePrescription.
  2. Your system will display the available medication prescribed by an authorized health professional in the patient’s home country.
  3. With the help of the patient, identify the medicine the patient wants to retrieve.
  4. Dispense the jointly selected medicine.
  5. Include the dispensation report into the electronic system according to your national conditions.

Note: Consider that the prescribed medicine might not exist in the indicated form in your country. Depending on the circumstances (varying package sizes, different product names with the same ingredients, no matching product, etc.) you may choose to dispense another package size or even to not dispense any medicine at all. Also, be aware that there are some exceptions, such as narcotics, which are not included within the scope of the epSOS services’ scope and therefore cannot be dispensed.