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Acronym:epSOS Legal Expert Group
Abbreviation:Large Scale Pilot

European Commission's mandate to the European Standardization Organizations (ESOs), CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI, to develop a coordinated work programme for standardization in health informatics

Medical record

Systematic documentation of a patient's medical history and care. The term is used both for the physical folder for a patient and for the body of information which comprises the total of a patient's health history. Medical records are personal documents and all data collected in medical records shall be regarded as sensitive personal data and processed accordingly.

Item for:Memorandum of Understanding

Agreement between partners to cooperate in the project.

Abbreviation:Master Patient Index
Acronym:Medication Related Overview

A certain overview regarding medication created by some Participating Nations, that consists of relevant aspects for patient care, especially for safety reasons. Implementations vary widely from country to country, and also the content of this overview might vary from user to user: prescribers and pharmacists do not have the same overview in all countries.

Abbreviation:member state(s)

Deprecated, now replaced by PN (Participating Nation)

Abbreviation:Master Translation/Transcoding Catalogue

The epSOS Master Value Sets Catalogue contains, in addition to the original terms, their translation in different languages corresponding to the respective countries and the possible cross-referencing (transcoding) with other code systems that are used at the national level. The translation and the cross-referencing (transcoding) is a national responsibility. The provision of the content of each country's contribution to the other epSOS countries is under epSOS' responsibility.

Abbreviation:Master Value Sets Catalogue

The Master Value Sets Catalogue is a collection of terms used within certain parts of the epSOS pivot documents (either parts describing the patient demographics or the clinical problems for example) based on standardized code systems such as ICD-10, SNOMED CT, ATC, EDQM and UCUM.

Abbreviation:National Administration
Acronym:National Authority Beneficiary
Item for:epSOS National Contact Point

A national contact point is an entity in each participating country to act as a bidirectional technical, organisational and legal interface between the existing different national functions and infrastructures. The NCP is legally competent to contract with other organizations on its territory in order to provide the necessary services which are needed to fulfill the business use cases and support services and processes. The epSOS NCP is identifiable in both the epSOS domain and in its national domain and acts as a communication gateway and establishes trust in the Trusted Domain.  As such a NCP is an active part of the epSOS environment if and only if it is compliant to normative epSOS interfaces in terms of structure, behavior and security policies. The epSOS NCP also acts as a mediator as far as the legal and regulatory aspects are concerned.

Item for:National contact point of Country A (of the epSOS application)
Item for:National contact point of Country B (of the epSOS application)
Abbreviation:National epSOS Pilot Coordinator

The role of the NEPC is to take primary operational responsibility for national level work from the outset. Unlike the idea of a single point of contact (SPOC), the role of an NEPC is to manage the project interface between the EU level and Participating Nation (PN) activities across the work packages.

Abbreviation:Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

epSOS NCP software publicly available under Open Source licensing.

OpenNCP Community
Item for:

Open group of people orchestrated by an agile software development methodology conducting effort on designing, coding, testing and delivering OpenNCP software.

Operation Phase
Definition:epSOS Operation Phase

epSOS Operation Phase 1 started in April 2012. Some of the PNs may start piloting later, the overall pilot operation phase is supposed to end June 2014. Until then pilots will be operated in all of the identified Pilot Sites, which passed the test process; and ePrescription and Patient Summary services will be provided according to the test scenarios. A support service will be provided to deal with any problems that medical or technical personnel and patients may be faced with. The maintenance as well as the updating of all components will be an ongoing activity. In the epSOS Operation Phase 2 further services will be tested. Click Opens internal link in current windowhere to find out more on the extension testing phase.

See the Opens internal link in current windowPoC database to find out which nations are currently piloting.

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