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Terminology Access Service
Definition:epSOS Terminology Access Service

The epSOS Terminology Access Services are the specifications of an interface describing the transactions needed to perform semantically accurate, "on-the-fly" language translation (in terms of the display name) of coded elements present in the pivot documents from one anguage to another, or from one code system to another code system if indicated in the epSOS Master Translation/Transcoding Catalogue. The interface also details the transactions needed for the validation of the coded elements used in the pivot documents against the epSOS Ontology codes. Furthermore it describes the functionalities for creating and maintaining the ontology itself such as loading new value sets, adding new terms or codes to the epSOS Master Value Set Catalogue, versioning, and mapping (cross-referencing) semantically equivalent terms or code descriptions in paired PN languages and across coding systems.

Item for:epSOS Technical Project Management
Trusted Domain
Definition:epSOS Trusted Domain

The epSOS Trusted Domain comprises of epSOS NCPs and their national contractual partners which collectively fulfill all technical, legal and organisational requirements for safe delivery of epSOS services and secure and confidential transfer or storage of data resulting from healthcare encounters within the epSOS Trusted Domain.

Virtual Encounter

A health professional using real PS or eP service provided by epSOS and prepared by the Country A without the presence of a patient (real or fake).

Abbreviation:World Health Organization
Abbreviation:Work Package
Abbreviation:Extended Markup Language

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