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Abbreviation:Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

epSOS NCP software publicly available under Open Source licensing.

OpenNCP Community
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Open group of people orchestrated by an agile software development methodology conducting effort on designing, coding, testing and delivering OpenNCP software.

Operation Phase
Definition:epSOS Operation Phase

epSOS Operation Phase 1 started in April 2012. Some of the PNs may start piloting later, the overall pilot operation phase is supposed to end June 2014. Until then pilots will be operated in all of the identified Pilot Sites, which passed the test process; and ePrescription and Patient Summary services will be provided according to the test scenarios. A support service will be provided to deal with any problems that medical or technical personnel and patients may be faced with. The maintenance as well as the updating of all components will be an ongoing activity. In the epSOS Operation Phase 2 further services will be tested. Click Opens internal link in current windowhere to find out more on the extension testing phase.

See the Opens internal link in current windowPoC database to find out which nations are currently piloting.

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