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Abbreviation:National Administration
Acronym:National Authority Beneficiary
Item for:epSOS National Contact Point

A national contact point is an entity in each participating country to act as a bidirectional technical, organisational and legal interface between the existing different national functions and infrastructures. The NCP is legally competent to contract with other organizations on its territory in order to provide the necessary services which are needed to fulfill the business use cases and support services and processes. The epSOS NCP is identifiable in both the epSOS domain and in its national domain and acts as a communication gateway and establishes trust in the Trusted Domain.  As such a NCP is an active part of the epSOS environment if and only if it is compliant to normative epSOS interfaces in terms of structure, behavior and security policies. The epSOS NCP also acts as a mediator as far as the legal and regulatory aspects are concerned.

Item for:National contact point of Country A (of the epSOS application)
Item for:National contact point of Country B (of the epSOS application)
Abbreviation:National epSOS Pilot Coordinator

The role of the NEPC is to take primary operational responsibility for national level work from the outset. Unlike the idea of a single point of contact (SPOC), the role of an NEPC is to manage the project interface between the EU level and Participating Nation (PN) activities across the work packages.

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