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Evaluation for Patients

Your contribution to the epSOS Services: the evaluation

The epSOS pilot test, which is currently being conducted for the period of one year, offers patients the opportunity to receive healthcare services in another European country by providing secure cross-border data exchange. The evaluation of the pilot services pursues two objectives:

  1. To collect information and analyse the first output and results.
  2. To show how epSOS Services impact the session between health professionals and patients, as well as  how they impact eHealth in Europe in general.

Recommendations for further development of cross-border eHealth will be based on the evaluation results.

Why is evaluation important and who should fill in the questionnaire?

The epSOS Services are developed to facilitate your life as a European citizen when travelling in Europe. That is why your opinion and experience is important for the epSOS project team. You can support the epSOS team in documenting the efficiency of the epSOS Services and thereby help improve the services for future use by completing the questionnaire. On a larger scale your evaluation will also help improve healthcare throughout Europe. Your input is important to us regardless of whether you had a positive or negative experience, or if you successfully retrieved  your information or not.

Immediately after your contact with an epSOS service you will be handed a paper questionnaire at the pilot site. Please fill in the questionnaire according to the instructions and submit the completed questionnaire at the pilot site.

To answer the questions correctly it is important that you allow for sufficient time to read the instructions carefully.

What is evaluated?

If you have been in contact with one of epSOS’ services, the epSOS team would like to learn from your experiences. The evaluation mainly focuses on the following:

  1. Were you satisfied with the services?
  2. Did you feel safe with regards to data safety and correctness of information?

Anonymity and privacy

All information that you provide to the epSOS project team is processed anonymously, treated with great care and will not, under any circumstances, be forwarded to third parties. All data will be used for statistical purposes only and provides no conclusion on your person.