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epSOS Services

In order to achieve the overall goal of epSOS, which is to provide cross-border exchange of personal health data, the national entities within the project are cooperating to test eHealth services in pilot applications. For the first time ever, European patients have currently the opportunity to use cross-border eHealth services when seeking healthcare in participating epSOS pilot countries, as tourists, business travelers, commuters or exchange students.

The technical, legal as well as organizational concepts developed in the project are subject to the extensive practical testing phase which is foreseen to last until the project end. epSOS tests it's two core eHealth services in the following areas:

In the extended project phase - which started 2011 - the epSOS project team consolidates, scales up (participation of new nations) and operationalizes the epSOS Services for ID management, security, semantics and standards.  Additional epSOS services like the access of patients to their data or the Medication Related Overview (MRO) are analyzed and will be tested if feasible.

Please note that not all of the Participating Nations may provide all the services mentioned. Click here to find out which countries provide which services to foreigners and visit your national subsite by choosing from the drop-down menu on the top right side to find pilot sites offering epSOS services to local people.